Towards a social investment bank?

5 thoughts on “Towards a social investment bank?”

  1. There’s a good insight into Cameron’s ideas in this week’s Spectator. So much of what we see in social media chimes nicely with social enterprise/production…. but the big hurdle for Cameron and indeed Brown/Miliband/whoever will be scale.

    Keeping it small and efficient is probably best but that will mean fragmenting (did someone say disintermediating?) public services across the UK.

  2. Who knows… is Brown still a subcriber to Endogenous Growth Theory? Or it’s neo-classical version for that matter? If so, as the wikipedia entry suggests, like Simon says, there’s lots of overlaps with social media/technology in general (virtuous cycles) which hopefully will keep those of us fascinated by the interplay of the human/technological/political/economic – both curious and positive 🙂 Could all be Balls’ as Heseltine once said..

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