How to work better

5 thoughts on “How to work better”

  1. I saw this on the wall in Will Gompertz office this time last week at Tate Britain and remarked on it (the letters were in red and it was a good five feet high). How far do you reckon the artist’s (artists’? – got a vague notion they’re a pair) tongue was in their cheek?

  2. Now you’ve described it in context.. probably a fair way inside their cheek(s)! Funny though.. working in an ‘office’ as opposed to a more familar ‘studio’ (for me) it makes lots of sense: thinking about values, norms etc imposed by environment. What did you think?

  3. When I first saw it (not knowing it was Art) i thought it was straight-up – although was a little suspicious about the foreignness of #8. But Will, being much more sophisticated than me, snorted at the notion one might take it at face value.

    Personally I’m fine with it up to #6. Don’t really reckon #7 applies on all occasions. Want #8 rephrased with an adverb. Am happy to go with the last two.

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