New name, new look

4 thoughts on “New name, new look”

  1. Jim B. Further to your spring cleaning, indeed, feeling spring-like:
    Some evenings I can’t even get in the Nerve for two girls glued to keyboards and screens. As it happens, with spring in the air, it suits me fine.
    Right now I’m on Toad Watch (Bill Oddiell!) A couple of nights back I spotted a toad on our back step. It was so brazen – sitting there motionless – with at least three cats on the prowl. I called excitedly up to Lils “There’s a toad on the back step!” She was down like a shot (I might use that one again when it comes to suppertime). We marveled at its confident stance, the perfect specimen, a very even, cement green colour.
    The following night around the same time, twilight, there it was again. Slightly different position on the step and sporting a different stance, more upright, even more confident, as if it was on the look-out, for a partner maybe? We surmised it was a common toad.
    Then last night common toad was back. This time face down and sprawled out in a plant pot, cool as you like! I was delighted to see this geezer again (worrying the cats may get him or we might tread on him on our way to the outside bog). My first impression of the plant pot was that one of the cats had been sick or worse, or that someone (very unlikely) had wapped a lump of wet cement – splat! in the pot – but no, on closer inspecton it was indeed the toad in question. Or was it? There could be others…
    Anyway he/she looked amazingly chilled and relaxed, still alert but obviously resting and I sat and had a beer and a smoke with him, the balmy night air confirming for me that spring had indeed sprung.

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