5-a-day: keeping one’s head in check

7 thoughts on “5-a-day: keeping one’s head in check”

  1. Cheers, Jim – that’s a good five habits – very good indeed. And what a good idea to remind oneself of how to keep the noggin healthy…

    Love the new look for the blog BTW – especially the header photo…

  2. Jim – have only just seen this! Couldn’t be more timely as my head’s been in a right old state the last month or so. I shall rise to your challenge and blog it this very weekend 🙂

  3. Belatedly:

    – tai chai
    – one thing for the local community every day
    – being in nature (even the rain)
    – enjoying really beautiful, healthy, tasty, high-quality food
    – writing (even if it’s only an email)

    Like the Mindapples idea.

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